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SAVI Lighting Designer Series Lenses

Designer Series Lenses

Another 1st for SAVI Pool and Spa leading the way with LED lighting for pools. For the first time ever SAVI LED Lights can now be used to create or highlight important features within the swimming pool environment. No one offers these lighting features. These lenses simply add on to any of our Savi LED light products (excluding Buddy Light). Proud of a particular feature you've designed? – Put a Spot on it. Got a spill over area that doesn't allow floor up lighting? – install a Half Dome Escutcheon and mount the light in the wall and shine it up into the water. Need to put lights on the pool wall facing the house? – use the Half Dome to illuminate the pool without shining light into your client's eyes. Want to create points of light through the pool? Use our Diamond lens to generate points of light. Want to create a soft lighting effect? – use our HALO lens to create general lighting but without a forward focal point. Wonderful different effects on short wall and long wall applications. For specifics, see below. Add them today and see the amazing results that can be achieved.

HALO LENS - Creates soft lighting without center beam - Great for general lighting, short wall or spa applications - 5 Pak
SPOT LENS - Soft general light with majority of light focused forward - Great for highlighting a special feature - 5 Pak
CATS EYE - Creates a "slice" of light - Not high, not low - Just a wide center beam - 5 Pak
DIAMOND LENS - Creates points of light throughout pool - No general lighting - Just points of light - 5 Pak
HALF DOME - Allows for directional light - Point it down - Point it up - Allows for lights to be used without affecting
customer's eyes - 5 Pak
SAVI-LENS-SAMPLER SAMPLER PAK - 1 of each of the above - Allows for easy use on job to see lighting effect of each lens

Where to Buy

SAVI products are sold direct to the trade only. Homeowners should contact their pool builder, pool service provider, their local pool supply store or on-line retailers for SAVI products. Distributors and contractors please contact the factory for sales representative contact or distributor information.

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