Buddy Light

SAVI Buddy Light Pool Lighting

Buddy Light

Now with new RGBW technology! The Buddy Light features safe, low-voltage (12V) lighting that fits any 1 1/2" wall fitting or 1 1/2" FIP. The Buddy Light is dimmable for fine-tuning your lighting needs. No niche. No J box. No Grounding. 5 Fixed RGBW Colors and 4 RGBW Color Shows. 80 or 150 ft Cord models available. Interchangeable "Buddy" Bulbs fit the same light body. Short Base - Ideal for tight installation areas.

Perfect for fiber optic light replacement - when no other light will fit, Buddy light will.

  • 12V
  • 180 Degree Beam Angle
  • ETL Light Listed for 4" of Water
  • Fits 1 ½ wall fittings

Buddy-Lite-RGB-80 7W 12V Pool Light, Buddy Color with 80' Cord
Buddy-Lite-RGB-150 7W 12V Pool Light, Buddy Color with 150' Cord
BUDDY-LITE-W-80 4W 12V Pool Light, Buddy White with 80' Cord - Dimmable
BUDDY-LITE-W-150 4W 12V Pool Light, Buddy White with 150' Cord- Dimmable

Where to Buy

SAVI products are sold direct to the trade only. Homeowners should contact their pool builder, pool service provider, their local pool supply store or on-line retailers for SAVI products. Distributors and contractors please contact the factory for sales representative contact or distributor information.

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